Organizational Culture Profile

Make Your Organization A Positive Culture Mindset

One of the giants in the world of organizational culture profiles is Professor John Paul Kotter, a professor at Harvard Business School. Professor Kotter's expertise is on authority, leadership, and organizational culture.

If you need any evidence of John Kotter's influence, take a look at one of the first pieces of information bound to be mentioned in his organizational culture profile. His novel Leading Change was an international best selling novel, and was considered by many managerial experts as the "change bible" for managers and businessman to use in order to change whatever organizational culture they are dealing with in order to become more efficient and effective.

Kotter often discusses wanting a better bottom line, and one of his points is the need for a wide group of various people with different thought processes and training in order to see effective change take place. The catching on of this fact in the business world is partially reflected in the large increase of English majors being hired into the business world because of their training to analyze situations and think independently.

Professor Kotter's organizational culture profile is impressive all the way through. His books are in the top percentile (top 1%) of books sold on and his articles on leadership and business have been reprinted over and over again. This graduate of MIT and Harvard has proven his expertise in this field. He joined Harvard Business School as part of the faculty in 1972 and a mere eight years later, at the young age of 33, he earned tenure. No small feat.

Professor Kotter is the author of literally hundreds of articles and over a dozen books, all on the field of leadership and change. He is widely recognized in his organizational culture profile as one of the foremost experts on leadership and change in the world. His knowledge in this area certainly seems unsurpassed, and no one understands the undercurrents of organizational culture the way he does. Any individual who wants to learn how to change a company whose weak culture has dragged itself down for far too long needs to look no further than this man to find out how to right the ship.

There are many individuals with impressive organizational culture profiles, but how many can boast a best seller? By focusing on a firm goal of maximum production and efficiency, and by being willing to tackle strange sounding concepts such as "doing change."

Professor Kotter has made his mark as someone who truly understands organizational culture and what it takes to change and adapt. Virtually any individual who succeeds in pulling off a stunning turnaround of a company that has long struggled with a negative organizational culture most likely knows the concepts Professor Kotter has put forth inside and out. Results like that are what makes his organizational culture profile so impressive.